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Wedding Gallery

Tyler & Jessica 
December Wedding 
The Black Ike Behar Parker rental tuxedo, was perfect for their December Winter wedding. This tuxedo is a classic style for the more "formal" look
Brian & Cassandra
September Wedding 
The 3 Piece Charcoal Purchase Suit. Charcoal still gives a classier look for those in-between times of year.
Mitch & Emily 
June Wedding
The Ike Behar Black Ashton Rental tuxedo was the perfect Modern look to a tuxedo while still keeping it classy and formal. A great match with the overall formal look of the wedding. 
Brandon and Stephanie
September Wedding 
The Black Ike Behar Parker rental tuxedo. The most formal and clean looking look that fits anytime of year. A sharp look, especially with bigger wedding parties!
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